6 Specialties You Must Eat In Zahle!

Zahle is one of the largest regions in Lebanon. Located in the East, it is the capital of the Bekaa Governorate.

This city is full of beautiful landscapes to see, exciting places to visit, and great food to taste!

Zahle’s specialties, such as mechtah and erben, are to die for! Consider going on a food tour there!


The mechtah is the bread of Zahle. It is mostly enjoyed when it’s straight out of the oven.

Kaak bi halib

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Does your Teta do the best “Kaak b 7aleeb”? ?

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The kaak bi halib is a soft milky bun. It perfectly pairs with tea in the morning!


The erben, or holy bread, is the signature of Zahle.


While walking along the Berdawni Rive, you’ll find a cart that sells everything sweet! From semsmiyeh to lawziyyeh, you cannot resist the taste of these delicacies!


Lebanese restaurants are reinventing the good old kaak!

Oriental ice cream

The best way to end a day is by eating oriental ice cream. We can all agree that ashta is the best flavor!

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