20+ Spectacular Pictures Of Caves & Grottos In Lebanon

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Lebanon is home to hundreds of unbelievably stunning caves and grottos formed and carved by nature over millions of years.

Spéléo Club Du Liban has stated that it has explored and reported at least 1,000 caves in Lebanon, including some of the deepest and longest caves in the country.

Here are some spectacular pictures of some unbelievable natural caves in Lebanon formed over millions of years.

Afqa Cave, the source of Nahr Ibrahim

Roueiss Cave, Akoura

Qadisha Grotto, a hidden gem

Asi-L-Hadath Cave, Qannoubine

Jeita Grotto, Lebanon’s Iconic Wonder

Kfarhim Grotto, Deir El-Qamar

Baatara Gorge Waterfall, also known as “The Cave of Three Bridges”

Mabaj Grotto, Tourzaiyya

Zahlan Cave, Al-Denniyeh

Ain Wazein Cave, El-Shouf

Al-Rihan Grotto, Jezzine

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