30+ Splendid Photos Of Bsharri, Lebanon

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The Bsharri district in the north governate is one of the most splendid regions of Lebanon, encompassing over 20 villages, breathtaking sceneries, fascinating hiking and touristic spots, including ancient remnants, and religious sites worth visiting.

That’s in addition to the warm northern hospitality of the locals.

It is also home to the Valley of The Saints or the Qadisha Valley with its historical monasteries.

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988, the magnificent Qadisha Valley along with the famous Cedars of God (Al-Arz) form the greater part of the Bsharri district.

Breathtaking sceneries, surreal views, and extraordinary landscapes are the main characteristics of the abundant nature of this Lebanese northern district.

Once home for the Phoenicians, the region’s name means the “House of Ishtar” – which they dedicated to the goddess Ishtar.

Bsharri bred many important personalities throughout its history, including Gibran Khalil Gibran whose wisdom and philosophy continue to awe the world to date. His museum in the Bsharri town where he was born contains valuable documents and manuscripts.

Bsharri is mostly known for the famous Cedars of God reserve, the habitat of Cedrus Libani trees, and that one can explore and trek through its wonders.

Bsharri is a region that should be visited at leisure, for a day trip is not enough to discover its many interesting spots and immerse in its beauty.

Take a look!

The Bsharri district has the highest point in Lebanon and the Levant, Qurnat as Sawdā, which rises in mightiness at 3,088 meters above sea level and is located at the peak of the Bsharri mountain range, Jabal al Makmel:

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