20+ Splendid Photos Of Spring Blooming In Lebanon

@livefromlebanon | @alidaher89

From under the snowy mountain tops and despite occasional rain showers, marks of spring are popping up across the country. As the season unfolds, it carries with it the earthy scent of fertile soil and the sweet smell of blossoms blooming.

It is also carrying signs of rebirth, Earth’s messages of new beginnings lifting the spirits and infusing hope against all odds in the land that refuses to give up.

This is Lebanon amidst its nation’s battle for survival.


Life is blooming in Beirut

Spring awakening in Brummana

Blooming with sources of life at Nahr Ibrahim

The wild daisies growing freely in Akkar

A season of splendor

The beauty of rebirth seen across mountains and valleys

A paradise that is here to stay

For all creatures

Nature singing in colors

And birthing hope where hope was lost

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