How To Spot A Lebanese Who Was Raised In Lebanon

We are well aware that Lebanon has been a vacation hotspot for visitors, including Lebanese descendants, from all around the world. They all come to enjoy Lebanon’s beautiful sea, its ambiance, its sites, and its good food, to name a few.

And when it comes to our dear Lebanese people raised abroad, you can instantly recognize them as such, for a simple reason:

Those raised in the homeland have certain distinctive characteristics that, unbeknownst to them, combine to say out loud, “I’m so Lebanese!” 

They have a distinctive type of humor 

People raised in Lebanon definitely have a distinctive type of humor, which most people around the world find considerably charming, even amusing, and sometimes intriguing.

The plus side to it is that they all understand the inside jokes of each other. They tend to find humor in even the darkest of situations, and that’s just how they were raised in a country that is too often facing crises and quakes (not the natural ones): To make the best out of the worst.

Their irresistible joie de vivre

People raised in Lebanon are notably fun. No matter where or with whom they are, they always manage to spice up the ambiance with more fun, always finding ways to light up a room with lively sparkles.

Their joie de vivre is irresistible and speedily contagious. Just take a look at Lebanese parties, weddings, events, and even simple dinner gatherings… You got to give it to them; they are unbeatable in that!

They are spontaneously generous

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There is something about the way you’re raised Lebanese that just makes you spontaneously generous at heart. You don’t stay idle in front of the suffering of others, and you don’t walk by an incident in the streets as if it doesn’t concern you.

You just get involved. For you, raised in Lebanon, there is no such thing as “it’s none of my business.” You simply run to help; even if you know you are going to get in trouble, or that sometimes the person doesn’t really want your help.

They’re fashionable at all time

“Walking in Beirut is like walking amidst a fashion catwalk.” That has been the most uttered statement in years by Europeans when asked about their trip to Lebanon. But that is not restricted to Beirut.

Being raised in Lebanon is being raised with a strong sense of fashion and attention to the neatness of one’s looks. The level of their income can’t interfere with that when living in Lebanon. They always manage to look their best whatever the budget.

They’re fluent in politics

You can still easily recognize whether a Lebanese was raised in Lebanon or not by his or her fluency in politics, mostly in local and regional ones, but also worldwide.

They are all raised experts in politics from a very early age -that being the most talked topic at home, on family gatherings, at every sebhieh, in schools, and on the streets- and they just relish in discussing it everywhere and at all turn.

Forget about a university degree in politics when you are raised in Lebanon, you really don’t need it! There is also a chance that you were born an expert in politics.

Their hospitality is abundant

Probably the most relevant is the food in the Lebanese culture that raises you. You grow up learning to appreciate the most delicious cuisine and in abundance. Mezza is not the only thing we love plentiful, by the way.

One has only to see the profusion of home-prepared food on the Lebanese tables in gatherings or when receiving guests.

“Eccentric” has been said about the Lebanese tables abroad. In Lebanon, we proudly call it Karam el-diyefi el-Lebnenyeh: The Lebanese generous hospitability. Only if you are raised in Lebanon, you go to all extent in preparing food for 10 times the number of guests.