New low: People are spray painting animals to show political support

I don’t know what’s more disturbing: the fact that people are spray painting animals to show political support or that some people do not know how to treat animals. Earlier today, images of men spray painting animals in blue in Saida to show support to a political party went viral on social media. The camel is clearly being abused. Lebanon is trying to become more animal-friendly. Last year, President Michel Aoun signed the

animal protection and welfare law

. Thanks to this law, a lot of abused animals were saved including a

helpless horse

that was being beaten in Tripoli. The

abuser was arrested

and the farm will be shut down. However, passing laws is not enough. People should learn how to treat animals, and animal abuse should not be socially acceptable at all. How many times did you come across a video of a person kicking a cat or hitting a dog while their friends were laughing instead of stopping them? I bet many times. We hope the authorities were notified of this incident and will arrest the abusers. This is not acceptable at all.