Tuk-Tuks Spread In Lebanon Amid The Economic Crisis


Lebanon is enduring one of the world’s worst economic crises in the last 150 years, according to The World Bank. The sky-rocketing prices have made daily life challenging for the Lebanese especially when it comes to fuel prices, which have become unaffordable to many.

This has led to the spread of tuk-tuks with people seeking a source of income at a low cost.

The most important benefit of these small three-wheeled vehicles is that they do not consume fuel since they have a rechargeable battery. They are compact and hence could be driven through narrow streets while easily fitting four people.

Tuk-tuks are usually used in poor countries with an overflow of people. While they are a new nice sight in the streets of Lebanon, their rise in number reflects the declining situation.

For many in the country, these low-cost vehicles have materialized as another means of survival amid the collapse of the currency and the economic meltdown, which have shifted living conditions to significantly worse.

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