5 Outdoor Activities You Should Try This Spring In Lebanon

Spring is finally here! Time to step out for our outdoor activities surrounded by blooming fields, budding branches, bright sky, warmer weather, and snow-capped peaks.

There is a large set of activities you can enjoy in Lebanon at the start of this most beautiful season. We have rounded up for you five of the best spring activities in Lebanon.

#1 Spring Skiing

Yes, spring is one of the best seasons to hit the slopes! With those longer and warmer spring days, you can enjoy an amazing skiing experience in one of our many skiing slopes.

If you are a ski lover, hurry up and hit the slopes. It is the only season you can enjoy skiing in a t-shirt, and get yourself a nice tan while at it.

#2 Hiking

For a group or family outdoor activity, we do recommend you gear up and head up to an inspiring trek adventure through our awesome mountains.

Nothing makes you enjoy the Lebanese spring more than a day in close contact with nature in its invigorating post-winter awakening.

You can also join an organized hiking trip to one of our Natural Reserves and explore the breathtaking nature of Lebanon.

#3 Spring Picnic

From the coast to the mountains, Lebanon is abundant with picnic spots that are ideal for a Spring Sunday out. Whether with friends or family, or both, picnics are great in Lebanon during this season.

They are both fun and relaxing, surrounded by the warmth and beauty of our spring nature.

#4 Bike Riding

Spring is one of those ideal seasons for biking. The weather is neither cold nor hot. It is just fresh and perfect for a bike ride along the Cornish or in the Mountains.

From Lebanon’s scenic nature routes to its seaside rides, it is the season to enjoy a great biking adventure.

#5 Horseback Riding

Lebanon has amazing horseback riding places, and horse riding is a most enjoyable activity you can jump on  – literally – or start learning if you haven’t already. It is a fun experience, even for beginners.

The weather is most favorable in Spring to enjoy horseback riding in the beauty and serenity of our colorful blooming fields.

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