Squid Game Comes To Life In Lebanon With Over 50 People Competing (Video)

Kamal Nehme

With all the craze surrounding Squid Game, Lebanese Youtuber Kamal Nehme took the show to a next level.

With the help of some friends, he made a real-life version of Green-Light Red-Light, with 54 people joining the competition.

In an interview with The961, Kamal shared that he decided to capitalize on the hype around the show by recreating it in real life.

The preparations took a fair amount of effort, from the participants to the location, as well as the filming.

Recreating Squid Game green-light red-light requires a wide space to hold the number of competitors, who were 54 people on the day of.

Kamal told The961 that the atmosphere was wholesome and fun. The participants who joined did it for fun, not for the prize. The results were simply amazing.

While Lebanon’s situation is filled with uncertainty, such initiatives are part of the things that help the Lebanese through their lives.

Having a way to escape reality is sometimes needed, and what’s better than experiencing something people love?

Kamal said that one of his goals with this video is to elevate the Youtube game in Lebanon and the middle east.

His passion for creating content like this one is what’s driving him. In the process, 54 people had fun competing, without caring for any prize.

You can watch the video here:

The Squid Game has been a worldwide sensation ever since Netflix released it in September, and it is no exception in Lebanon.

Enthusiasts of the show are many, including a group of 5 Lebanese friends who are also working on recreating Squid Game in real life in Lebanon and have already attracted a large number of reservations from the public.

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