11 Cool Places To Enjoy Stand-Up Comedy In Lebanon

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One can’t miss attending a stand-up comedy when living in Lebanon. Not just because Lebanese stand-up comedians are hilarious but also because their shows are exactly what we need to forget for an hour or two our worries and hardships.

These shows are not exactly an escape from the harsh reality of our Lebanese politics and social issues. They do tap into it big time and get us to laugh about the ridiculousness and the drollery expressed nonetheless with common sense.

Stand-Up Comedy is not only therapeutic. It’s also a form of activism for social and political change, as demonstrated by many studies.

There are many restaurants and pubs in Lebanon opening a safe place to enjoy these shows. Here are some of them that you should consider adding to your bucket list for cheerful things to do.

#1 KED – Karantina

KED is a hidden gem in Karantina that organizes many events and activities including weekly stand-up comedies by amazing stand-up comedians.

#2 Discobar – Beirut

Disco Bar is an amazing place in Ashrafieh to enjoy bands, one-man shows, and comedy all in one place. Every once in a while, it holds a comedy show.

#3 Tribus- Beit Chabab

Tribus is a chill place in Beit Chabab that hosts many stand-up comedy shows, which you can enjoy while dining or having drinks in its friendly and cool ambiance.

#4 The Duke of Wellington – Hamra

The Duke of Wellington is a nice pub located in Hamra. It is a good place to have a laugh with your friends and enjoy the night laughing with talented local stand-up comedians.

#5 Hydan Bar Lounge – Sodeco

Hydan is a bar and lounge in Hotel de Ville where you can enjoy happy and funny moments with great stand-up comedians while enjoying a nice drink and good food.

#6 Cartel – Broummana and Mar Mikhael

Cartel hosts stand-up comedians once in a while. It’s is a nice place with good music and tasty cocktails for a cheerful night with your friends.

#7 Metro Al Madina – Hamra

Metro Al Madina is a cabaret and entertainment venue where many events take place like plays, music shows, and of course stand-up comedy performances by very talented and amazing local comedians.

#8 Danys Beach Restaurant – Batroun

If you like the chill vibes of Batroun and a good night laughing with your loved one(s), go and visit Danys beach restaurant and enjoy the many stand-up comedy events they organize.

#9 Barzakh Bookshop – Hamra

Barzakh is a very cool bookshop in Hamra that also hosts local comedians.

#10 Riwaq -Mar Mikhael

A very friendly place to hang out around a bite and drinks, or to work and study, Riwaq is also a place where open-mics are organized. Don’t miss out on an open-mic night to discover new talents and enjoy the whole night laughing.

#11 Thinkers C.C.C. – Zahle

Thinkers C.C.C. in Zahle is a great place to chill, work and caffeinate in a friendly atmosphere. It also holds stand-up comedy nights. Do check it out for its future stand-up comedy events.

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11 Cool Places To Enjoy Stand-Up Comedy In Lebanon

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