Discover Lebanon’s Best Stargazing Spots

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There’s nothing like a night out under the stars. It can prompt you to wonder about the world, which is great for discussions and bonding with friends.

That peace and quiet can also be quite a romantic date idea. Additionally, it’s something fun you can do for free!

Here are some of the nicest places to get lost in the stars in Lebanon.


Akkar is abundant with fascinating natural landscape and is a destination for stargazing.

Shouf Reserve

Shouf reserve is one of Lebanon’s many stunning nature reserves. Stargazing in this majestic place can give you the calm sense that we are all part of something bigger.


This magnificent place in the Byblos district will make you feel like you’re in another world. Laqlouq is a great place for camping and to unwind and de-stress with the stars.

Very little pollution in this area makes it perfect for stargazing. However, 1,780 meters above sea level can get a bit chilly, so bring a jacket!


In the serene quiet of it all, you’ll be able to ditch the city lights (and the city heat and noise) and see the star shine above.

Note: You may also want to look away from any sources of light (like those lighting the St Charbel statue), but the photograph is certainly beautiful!

Arz Ehmej  

To the west of LaqLouq lies the municipality of Ehmej (part of the Batroun district). Ehmej has many hidden trails and is known for its Cedar trees.

Hence, the ‘Arez Ehmej’ Cedar forest is a gorgeous place to stargaze at only 1,140 meters above sea level.


Kfardebian in the Keserwan district is 1,220 meters above sea level. It is known for its skiing resorts, like Mzaar Kfardebian, and also known as Ouyoun el Simen.

Maybe it seems counterintuitive to visit ski slopes offseason, but the sights will stun you. In fact, many Lebanese Astrophotographers took to high places to capture snapshots of the newly-discovered Comet NEOWISE.

Here’s one in Kfardebian:

Qornet El Sawda

Qornet El Sawda, aka The Black Peak, is the highest point in Lebanon (and the Levant), thus the most ideal place for stargazing. It is located in North Lebanon and is at a striking 3,088 meters above sea level!

Deir El-Qamar

Stars are a reminder that, even in the darkest of times, light persists.


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