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These Are The 9 Newest Lebanese Startups at 'Speed Lebanon'


is a Lebanese startup accelerator based in Beirut that devotes itself to seeing grand potentials in new business ideas and provides a safe environment for these ideas to come to life. At a recent event at Junkyard, they launched their fourth acceleration program!

Meet their 9 newest Cycle IV startups:

#1 Bidappeal

The brainchild of: Dina Daher, Jad Aizarani, and Maya Obeid

"Bidappeal is a new auction platform that will change how people experience buying the latest fashion and high-tech products online. Each auction starts at a specific time and only lasts 15 minutes. Users simply buy a ticket to join the auction, reserve a seat, and place their bids. The highest bidder wins and purchases the product at their chosen price."

#2 Fig

The brainchild of: Maher Hassanieah and Ali Thabet

"Fig is a mobile and web platform designed for the digital shoppers to enhance their physical shopping experience. With Fig, shoppers browse inventory of physical shops online, search products, and create wish-lists. The platform also helps retailers become better at brick and mortar by providing them with currently inaccessible user data."

#3 Groovy Antoid

The brainchild of: George El Habr, Fouad El Tabech, Samir Kazah, and Omar Al Fil

"Groovy Antoid is a game development studio dedicate to creating fun games with simple mechanics and quirky likable characters, each with their own unique stories, rich worlds, and strong IP potential."

#4 Harold

The brainchild of: Giovanni De Luca, Victor Schoucair, Robert Audi

"Harold is a digital broadcasting solution that allows users to publish their personal life announcements and classified ads on multiple channels (digital or printed press; ad space; blogs; websites and social networks). Harold optimizes content delivery to reach maximum visibility with desired audiences."

#5 Neotic

The brainchild of: Samir El Zein

"Neotic is an artificial intelligence platform that offers crowd-sourcing analysis of the stock markets. It allows traders with no programming skills to leverage the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence in their daily tasks. The platform generates live-tested portfolios that are valuable for financial institutions, stock traders, and students of finance."

#6 Rave

The brainchild of: Jimmy Demetriou and Antonis Antoniou

"From big room electro to seedy backroom techno, Rave is the world's first online Electronic Dance Music (EDM) community. Rave lets users instantly rate, rank, and share anything EDM and empowers them to instantly, and effectively, discover the latest trends in the EDM world; from legendary producers all the way through to the hottest new DJs, Clubs, Festivals, Events, Tracks/Albums, and Live Performances."

#7 Smart Interactive Breadboard

The brainchild of: Basel Jalaleddine and Ibrahim Ezzeddine

"Smart Interactive Breadboard (SIB) is a hardware and software solution that manages and organizes how robotics and electronics classes are taught in universities and schools. With SIB, students will have a smart board that helps them connect electronic components together. The smart board will be connected to a software that displays a virtual view of the board, alerts students of errors in the circuit, and provides them with a chatbot that answers electronics-related questions. Instructors will also have a dashboard that allows them to monitor students’ progress."

#8 The Living Book

The brainchild of: Ziad Feghali

"The Living Book is a cloud production environment and a multi-store publishing platform that enables users with ideas to create, publish, and sell personalized printed and digital interactive books for children."

#9 Van Ahmar

The brainchild of: Paul Yatim, Robert Bechara, Salim Matta, Elie Germanos, and Christian Issa

"Van Ahmar is a game development studio founded by fanatic gamers! We create mobile casual games with a unique visual style, creative game mechanics, and a lot of hidden in-game features with one universal condition: every single game we produce must push its players to experience at least one extreme aspect of the emotional human construct."

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