Breaking: State Of Emergency Declared In Beirut – Army Will Now Take Control Of City For Two Weeks


In a statement this evening, Lebanon has declared a state of emergency in Beirut for the next two weeks, extendable.

Having faced a great loss resulting from the blast on Tuesday, Beirut is has been declared a “devastated city” by Lebanon’s High Defense Council.

To maintain the security and safety of Beirut, control over the city has been handed to the Supreme Military Authority, putting at its disposal all Lebanese security forces.

Today, Beirut is a disaster area. Lives have been lost, thousands are injured, and people have been left homeless as the blast made away with entire buildings.

Concerns over the effects of harmful chemicals from the blast are rising as well. People are being urged to evacuate the city if they can.

In addition, an investigation committee has been assigned to find the cause that led to the disaster. The committee has been given a maximum of 5 days to submit its findings.

The Lebanese President has declared three days of national mourning, to grieve the lives lost in the Beirut explosion.

Along with the dozens of lives, Beirut has lost so much more. It will never be the same.

August 4th will go down in Lebanon’s history as the dark day in which its capital quaked in massive destruction by an obscure explosion the country has never seen the like before, even in its times of war.

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