State Security Personnel Fight Each Other At Gas Station In Lebanon (Video)

State Security Personnel Fight Each Other At Gas Station (Video)
Janoubia | @LarissaAounSky

A fight erupted between members of Lebanese State Security at a gas station in Mount Lebanon on Tuesday.

Initial reports suggested that the fight had broken out between Lebanese Army Intelligence Directorate members and State Security personnel, but the Intelligence Directorate has denied the claim.

The General Directorate of State Security later issued a statement commenting on the incident, revealing that a personal dispute had led to the brawl near a Medco gas station in Furn El-Chebbak.

State Security personnel dressed in civilian clothing were refueling their cars when the fight started between them and a patrol of the same security directorate that was on a routine mission in the area, before the members in civilian clothing identified themselves, according to the statement.

State Security said that it had launched “a comprehensive investigation” into the incident, noting that no other security directorate had anything to do with it.

Lately, security forces in Lebanon have been intensifying their monitoring operations at gas stations to prevent monopoly and maintain security.

Due to the severe shortage of fuel and the accompanying high tension that exists at gas stations across the country, fights at stations have grown more frequent.

The fuel crisis was supposed to be alleviated with the recent decision to partially remove the state’s fuel subsidy. However, the harsh fuel rationing system adopted by many gas stations has yet to be dropped.