13 Steakhouses In Lebanon To Enjoy A Good Meal With Your Friends

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The trend of vegetarianism and veganism has reached Lebanon but hasn’t managed to overcome the predominant role of meat in the Lebanese culinary culture, and there is no indication that it will ever disappear from our menu.

Aside from their love for their cuisine and the Masheweh on Sundays, the Lebanese revel in French and Italian, and also American steaks.

Steakhouses and restaurants serving these international steak recipes are many in the country. If you are fancying a delicious meal of steak in a nice setting, here are some good suggestions where to go, from fancy to casual, in no particular order:

#1 Swiss Butter (Gemmayzeh & Jal El Dib)

Swiss Butter is a popular French cuisine restaurant, known for its cool atmosphere and delicious steaks, along with other dishes like Beef Fillet, Beef Stripes, and platters. It also serves wine and delicious desserts like Cholocate Lava.

The place has outdoor and indoor seatings, a bar, and WiFi and is often packed on weekends.

#2 Skirt (Downtown Beirut)

A cozy restaurant with charming decor and concept, Skirt in downtown Beirut serves mouthwatering steaks, as well as other varieties like Mushroom Stroganoff, Butter Burger, Burgers, and some tempting desserts.

The place has indoor and outdoor seatings, wifi, and a full bar.

#3 Steak Bar Sushi (Naccache)

A restaurant with a cozy atmosphere and a fancy crowd, Steak Bar Sushi is a must-try gastronomical experience where you can get to be served your steak at your table like a pampered guest.

In addition to the steaks, its menu includes Lamb Chop, Spicy Crab, Lamb Ribs, Mac N Cheese, Beef Teriyaki, and more.

The restaurant has also a full bar and indoor and outdoor seatings and is particularly enjoyable at night.

#4 East Village Cuisine (Badaro)

East Village is a cozy place that serves a variety of meals of different cuisines, including some prime steaks, like Black Angus Beef Fillet Mignon, charred grilled with butter herb sauce, a charred-grilled Blonde d’Aquitaine Sirloin with herb sauce, and a French Beef Tenderloin with bourbon pepper sauce.

Bottom line? Not to miss!

#5 Slate Bistro Grill (Mar Mikhael & Faqra)

A French and Italian steakhouse, Slate serves several steaks recipes, from Grilled Steaks and Beef Stroganoff to Steak Tartare, T-Bone, and Tenderloin. Its rich menu includes a variety of seafood dishes, grilled chicken, Italian appetizers and pasta, and more.

A variety of alcoholic cocktails are also available and… you don’t want to miss their desserts!

#6 DUO (Various locations)

Duo is a restaurant of international cuisines, with a full bar and a large variety of dishes, and also serves good steaks, like Beef Stroganoff, Grilled Beef Fillet, and Beef Cordon Blue.

Duo opens for Breakfast as well and has WiFi.

You’ll find Duo in ABC Achrafieh and Dbayeh, and seasonally in Broumana Village.

#7 Metropole Brasserie (Minet el Hosn)

A French cuisine restaurant that also serves some Italian dishes and a rich variety of alcohol from various countries, Metropole is a popular place of casual elegance to enjoy a good meal of steak and nice vibes.

It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with dining time being fancier. It has outdoor and indoor seatings, WiFi, and also offers “plat du jour.”

#8 Le Relais De L’Entrecôte (Ashrafieh)

A classic French restaurant in the heart of Ashrafieh, Le Relais De L’entrecôte brings the Parisian style right to your table with its famous Entrecote grilled beef dressed with butter-based sauce and sided with French Fries and salad.

It is a cozy place that calls for a date night with a glass of wine (or two!).

#9 La Place De L’Entrecote (Kaslik)

A warm place with a romantic mood suitable for dating, La Place De L’Entrecote offers quality french cuisine with special attention from the owner. Full bar and WiFi are available along with a fine menu of steaks, salads, and desserts.

#10 Society Bistro (Saifi)

Society Bistro at Saifi Suites is a fine dining restaurant serving French and Italian dishes. It is the place to go for a variety of steak dishes to choose from, along with a Salad Bar of mouthwatering goodies, a full bar, and a great atmosphere. WiFi is available and also outdoor and indoor seatings.

#11 The Beirut Cellar (Ashrafieh)

The Beirut Cellar has been operating for over 40 years, a fine restaurant serving French and Italian food in a relaxed, and lively up-scale atmosphere. It offers a rich menu, which includes succulent steaks, like the thyme medallion sprinkled with parmesan and truffle oil.

It’s a luxury dining with indoor and outdoor seatings, a full bar, and also WiFi.

#12 French Brasserie (Brummana)

Another restaurant to enjoy a good steak is at the French Brasserie in Brummana, a friendly place with good food, a fireplace for a romantic mood, wifi if you want to get distracted away from your date, and a full bar to enjoy the drinks of your choice. There is outdoor seating as well to enjoy the fresh mountain air during the warm season.

#13 Ô Bois Restaurant (Dhour Choueir)

A romantic and luxury wooden restaurant in the beautiful mountains of Dhour Choueir, Ô Bois serves French, Italian, and Lebanese homemade cuisines, including steaks among its rich variety of dishes and desserts.

It also has an exceptional and spacious outdoor area surrounded by nature.

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