A store in Lebanon is selling a kilogram of janerek for LBP 200,000 !

Fadi Fruits, the shop behind the

zucchini flavored ice cream

, recently


that it’s selling janerek. Little did people know that a kilogram costs LBP 200,000 ($132). The janerek season in Lebanon did not start yet. The ones that are available at Fadi’s Fruits are imported from Turkey in response to 70 orders from pregnant women. The Director-General of the Consumer Protection Authority Tarek Younis

told An-Nahar

that no action could be taken before conducting an investigation. The observers will check the invoices and the price. If they don’t match, the judiciary will take the appropriate measures. Meanwhile, Lebanese people on Twitter are making fun of the situation!

“It’s either janerek or bitcoin.”

“Kidney for sale to buy janerek.”

“I don’t know whether I should get a gold ring or one kilogram of janerek on Mother’s Day.”

Some people are wondering how they can get a loan to buy janerek

Funding a political campaign with janerek

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