Storm Safety Guidelines Just Issued by the Lebanese Civil Defense

As Lebanon enters the scope of new storms holding wind, rain, snow in some areas and unstable weather, the General Directorate of Civil Defense issued a statement with safety guidelines for the citizens.


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The Lebanese Civil Defense warns citizens of the need to adhere to its guidelines for their safety and calls on them to take the following precautions:

Sea hazards:

  • Not to swim in rivers and ponds
  • Do not penetrate far in the sea
  • Not to leave children on the banks of rivers and ponds without supervision
  • Not to approach the shore to fish with a hook
  • Be careful not to go fishing with boats
  • Ensure that the tourist boats are tightened in their places at the port and fortified as required.

Driving risks:

  • Do not go to mountainous areas or vice versa unless absolutely necessary and you’re well equipped with the following:
    – Metal tire chains and spare tire safety and crane
    – Medicines that you take regularly (heart, pressure, etc …).
    – Dry hand battery
    – Small foldable shovel
    – First aid kit
    – The cell phone set packed with the car battery
    – Enough fuel in the car’s tank
    – Anti-gel available in a car radiator.

While driving:

  • Listen and adhere to the guidelines of those concerned with public safety
  • Do not pass cars, lest they slip and block the road
  • Park your car to the right of the road if you cannot continue
  • Do not turn on the heater if the car starts to flood

If you encounter an accident:

  • Be calm and reassure the injured
  • Help if possible without endangering yourself or the other
  • Call the civil defense and report the location, type of accident, the number of injured, and their condition
  • Be mindful and compassionate

In addition to the above, the civil defense also included a full guideline on how to stay safe while using the Holiday decorations, heaters, and how to avoid fires.

They also urge the citizens to call the Civil Defense Operations’ Room at the emergency number 125 in the event of an accident.

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