The story behind Beirut-based Plastik Magazine

Founded in Beirut in 2007, Plastik is an award-winning visual magazine that publishes ground-breaking photography in over 50 cities around the globe. The magazine has sold more than 400,000 copies! If you use Instagram, then I’m sure you came across at least a few candy-colored pictures that represent a perfect yet artificial alternate reality. The founder of the magazine is Eli Rezkallah who is a photographer, video director, and visual artist. The photographs are flamboyant and exhibit fantastic and imaginary worlds, but the story behind them is not so colorful. Eli grew up in the 90s where Beirut was going through a war. However, he was living in an oasis and had never to experience it. His mom and her friends would always put on their Sunday best and throw big parties and try to forget about what is happening around them. When Eli grew up and saw the world with his own eyes, he created a reality of his own. He felt that Beirut was sad and needed more colors, that’s what made him create Plastik. It’s his way of coping with reality. The setup, decorations, and costumes are perfect, but the characters in the pictures look like they are thinking of something else besides the perfection that is surrounding them. That’s why the magazine in called Plastik. Plastik eventually got recognized in Los Angeles where the magazine partnered with many celebrities. Check out the video for the full story!

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