A Market In Lebanon Was Just Found Selling Inedible Meat

'Strange' Inedible Meat Products Were Found Being Sold In Tripoli
NNA | IMLebanon

Lebanese health inspectors have exposed a market of inedible meat in northern Lebanon.

While performing a daily checkup on the Attarin Souk in Tripoli, municipal inspectors found a large quantity of “strange” meat products being sold at very low prices, according to the National News Agency (NNA).

Accompanied by a municipal police patrol, the inspectors took random samples from several butcher shops and sent them to the laboratory of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture in the city.

A week later, analysis results revealed that the meat was not in compliance with health standards.

Not only that but it was revealed that the meat being sold was not actual meat at all. Rather, the butchers had been selling inedible chicken parts and organs, mixed with a special dye to make them look presentable.

Upon discovering this, the head of Tripoli‘s municipal police informed the North Lebanon Public Prosecutor of the matter, and the file has since been transferred to the Agriculture Ministry’s health inspectors in the north, according to the NNA.

In light of this incident, Yamak called upon the concerned authorities to work on preventing the import of these meats and their distribution in Tripoli‘s markets.

He also requested that security forces take immediate measures to seize these products and hold their importers and sellers accountable in order to preserve food safety in Tripoli.

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