Stray dog in Beirut gets life-saving surgery in America thanks to Lebanese volunteers

Volunteers from Animals Lebanon recently rescued a stray dog, later named Luke, who was shot in the face in Beirut. The Lebanese NGO managed to send Luke to the United States where he was taken in by Sweet Paws Rescue which is a dog rescue center. Luke was treated at the Angell Animal Medical Center, and the surgery was successful. The two-year-old dog is now waiting for his forever home. The founder of Sweet Paws Rescue, Cynthia Sweet, said that the center would take in 10 homeless dogs from Beirut in March. Although the

President signed the Animal Protection and Welfare Law

on August 29, violence against animals persists in Lebanon. Unfortunately, changing the mentality of people is harder than drafting a new law. We must always remember that animals play an essential role in the ecosystem and our society. Just recently, a dog saved his owner’s life from freezing to death in Qornet Al Sawda.

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On that note, let us thank all the volunteers that are significantly contributing to their communities.

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