Over A Dozen Stray Dogs Will Be Rescued From Beirut To Montreal

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During the blast two months ago, pets and stray animals were among the many harmed during the explosion that shattered Beirut’s port and surrounding neighborhoods.

Animal rights organizations, like Animals Lebanon, have been working tirelessly to try and rescue and reunite missing pets with their owners.

Now, there is an initiative to help Beirut’s stray dogs find their forever homes all the way in Montreal. 

Members from the Montreal-based organization Rescue All Dogs Co. (RAD) have come to Beirut to help stray dogs at the port, in coordination with BETA Lebanon.

According to Helena Hasayne from BETA Lebanon, around 80 dogs were found stranded at the port.

In an interview with CityNews Montreal, Hasayne said that many dogs are even being left behind as their owners flee the country.

RAD is now trying to rescue as many dogs as it can to alleviate the pressure on local shelters. It will also focus on taking back to Montreal the dogs with the least chance of being adopted in Lebanon.

Luckily, many Montreal residents have already adopted some pups of their own, giving dogs of Beirut blast a second chance at life.

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