A Street In Zahle Was Just Named After Wael Kfoury

Wael kfoury street in Zahle
Maroun Kharrat l Wael Kfoury

The municipality of Zahle honored the Lebanese artist Wael Kfoury by naming a street after him in the Housh Al Oumara area, raising official banners in his name in the street.

This initiative came after the Municipal Council of Zahle Al-Muallaqa and Taanayel decided to name the street after Kfoury, in honor of his artistic career and in appreciation of his continuous efforts towards the city and its people.

Lebanese poet Habib Bou Antoun published the first pictures of the banners on the street, accompanying them with a poem that translates: “You will arrive at the brilliant yard, keep your head down as you go, on a street that exudes art, take the blessing from the street.”

Local media reported that Kfoury’s team, under the supervision of the Mayor of Zahle, Engineer Asaad Zogheib, is conducting a study on how to rehabilitate and equip the street at all engineering and societal levels.

The work will begin soon under the supervision of the municipality and specialized engineering companies.

Wael Kfoury was born in Haouch Al Omara, Zahle, Lebanon. He launched his first album back in 1994 and has since become one of Lebanon’s most famous and beloved artists.

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