13 Struggles Only Lebanese in Canada Will Understand

Not only did we have to leave Lebanon, but Lebanese in Canada have to struggle with quite a bit living here.


With an estimated 2% of the entire Canadian population having Lebanese descendency, it won’t be surprising the hundreds of thousands of Lebanese can relate to this. 

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Struggles of Lebanese in Canada

#1 The Cold

This obviously has to be the first point. You can’t simply take us out of beach weather, put us in temperatures that can reach -40 degrees and expect us to be like “oh yeah, no problem.” Well, big problem.


#2 Icy Roads

Of course, with cold temperatures, we get icy roads. It’s not in our human nature for Lebanese people to be able to drive or walk normally on ice. Except, of course, for our parents who had to walk miles and miles in the worst snowy conditions to get to school every day. We all heard that “story” a million times.


#3 Milk Bags

No seriously, who’s idea was it to put milk in plastic bags and sell them?! How do they even get the milk inside without making a mess?

The actual awkward part is trying to explain to your friends back home that you have milk in bags.


#4 No REAL Lebanese Food

Although Canada is filled with Lebanese restaurants, it’s almost near impossible to find one serving authentic and delicious Lebanese food. 


#5 Overly Expensive Lebanese Food

Via Cookingupclean

Seriously, Lebanese food seems to be some sort of luxury of here. $15 for a shawarma sandwich which is basically all lettuce. So $15 for a lettuce sandwich.


#6 People Eat Way Too Fast Here

On the note of food, what’s up with people here eating super fast? You sit down to eat and you’re expected to be done eating in 10-15 minutes tops. There are no lunches or dinners where you sit for hours talking about life like you do back home in Lebanon.


#7 Every Lebanese person you meet thinks you are automatically friends.. and it’s true

Oh yeah, this one. Somehow every Lebanese in Canada you bump into automatically assume you are instant friends and even brothers. The funny part, it’s true.. you do become instant friends. That way you get through all these struggles together.


#8 Somehow you keep meeting random people who are related to you

This is a big Lebanese problem. You think the friend you just met is your new BFF, but turns out they are somehow your cousin or your cousin’s cousin… or from the same village as you back in Lebanon.


#9 Missing the taste of fruits

This is seriously one of the most underrated struggle. Yes, I’m bringing up food again. You will miss the naturally sweet taste of the fruits you used to eat in Lebanon. Fruits here have no taste, at all.


#10 Missing Almaza

Seriously, this is a struggle. If I could, I’d bring a whole crate of Almaza with me from Lebanon. It just is quite impossible to find. I found one in a restaurant in Laval (a city near Montreal) once and it was $9 for a bottle.


#11 Language Issue

You never know which language to speak, English or French. You eventually end up speaking a mix of English, French and Lebanese hoping they understand you.


#12 Politics

Lebanese politics is probably more important here in Canada than it is in Lebanon. If it isn’t fighting about Lebanese politics, it’s fighting about Canadian politics and about who Lebanese in Canada should vote for, Conservatives or Liberals.


#13 Distance

For some reason, Lebanese people decided to go as far away from Lebanon as they could and they ended up in Canada and Australia. But at least the ones in Australia enjoy the better weather! If we want to visit home, we have to spend 14 or so hours and a couple thousand dollars just to get there.

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