10 Struggles Of Living Outside Lebanon

Lebanese people are often quite excited to leave Lebanon. However, there are many struggles Lebanese people have to deal with while living outside Lebanon. We thought we’d shed some light on them so you can see that it’s not all fun and games here.

Struggles of living outside Lebanon

#1 You have a hard time finding authentic Lebanese food

It’s like an episode of 

Dora the Explorer

… except it goes on for several seasons and you’ll never be able to find authentic Lebanese food like you do in Lebanon.

#2 You miss out of experiences all 4 seasons of the years

Chances are you’re living in a country that is either too cold or too hot. There’s no moderation.

#3 You miss the taste of fruits

Fruits in Lebanon are full of natural deliciousness.

#4 You slowly start realizing you have a hard time speaking Lebanese

You start forgetting Lebanese words so you randomly switch to English or French.

#5 Coming across another Lebanese person Scenario 1

When you walk by another Lebanese, you make eye contact, nod and keep walking

#6 Coming across another Lebanese person Scenario 2

You talk and instantly become best friends

#7 Coming across another Lebanese person Scenario 3

You talk and realize you are somehow related

#8 Getting asked when was the last time you “went down” to Lebanon

Almost already the first question they ask.

#9 Having to explain to non-Lebanese people that there’s more to Lebanese cuisine than just hummus, tabouleh and shish taouk.

Seriously, there’s A LOT more!

#10 Having to explain to people how much Lebanese people like to add garlic to everything

We literally put it on everything… and it’s good!


#11 Having to explain 40 years of Lebanese history just to explain to them the current situation in Lebanon

“Well it goes back to the 70’s…”

#12 Keep trying to promote Lebanon to other people

They do need to realize it’s the best place on the planet, no?

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