Controversial Case Of Student Accused Of Cheating During Official Exams In Baalbek


The incident of Guevara Nouh Zeiter during the recent official exams in Baalbek has expanded with controversial statements from both sides; the media and the Zeaiter family.

His father Nouh Zeiter issued a statement in which he defended his son and threatened the media and “those spreading rumors” against his son and the family.

According to MTV, Guevara Nouh Zeiter used his phone to cheat during his official exams and nobody stopped him, not even the supervisors and the security officials who were there at the official school in Baalbek.

MTV reported that the supervising teachers as well as the Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF) were present but did not interfere because the gunmen who accompanied Zeiter were standing outside the doors of the school.

MTV also stated that the Ministry of Education tried to check security cameras to figure out what really happened but they found that the pertinent camera was broken, insinuating that the school director broke it because she is also from the Zeiter Family. 

Nouh Zeiter responded to the accusation with a statement on Facebook saying that his son had his phone with him, similar to many others who were taking the official exams, and that he was not cheating, nor was he imposing his own rules on the supervisors.

He claimed that the issue with the broken camera is false and that this creates misconceptions. In his statement, Zeiter said that his son was treated “like a terrorist” and that he will hold accountable any media institution that spreads this rumor.

“We promise to hold accountable informants, rumor makers, and media organizations that have adopted this dirty work while we are under the roof of the law,” he said.

In an interview with Sawt Beirut, Guevara Zeiter stated that during his official exams on Monday, the ISF saw that he had a phone so they stopped him from taking his next exam. But he claimed that many of his friends also had phones and they did not face the same consequence. 

He said that he took his phone to the exam in case something bad happens, not because he was cheating. He stressed that he did not have gunmen accompanying him and claimed that he was treated like a terrorist.

He also claimed that the supervisor would not let him take his exam as she allegedly said to him that his father is “unlawful.”

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