Lebanese Student Who Was Arrested Over A Lethal Accident Was Permitted To Take The Official Exams


Photos of an arrested teenager in Lebanon spread on social media on Wednesday morning while he was doing his official exams.

The Internal Security Forces (ISF) tweeted the related pictures, captioning it “Because education is the right of everybody” and stating that the student H.M, who was arrested for causing the death of a person in a car accident during the official exams, is taking his exams.

“This was done under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and the supervision of members of the Borj Al-Mulouk police station, after the approval of the Discriminatory Public Prosecution,” the ISF tweet explained.

The ISF considered that education is everyone’s right and that prohibiting someone from that right is wrong.

By allowing the young student to continue his official exams, the authorities gave him a chance to save his future as without those exams Lebanese students cannot enroll in universities.

The car accident happened in Borj Al-Mulouk, a village in South Lebanon after the student’s car collided with another car whose driver later died.

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