University Students & Professors Hit The Streets Of Lebanon In Protest

Almost three months have passed, and the Lebanese revolution is still standing. If anyone thought otherwise, it would be because some media platforms have decided to suppress the people’s voices and the revolution’s echo.

However, with and without that coverage, protesters’ movements are still happening, and there’s a different one with a new purpose every day.

Since the beginning of the revolution, Lebanese students have been a big and essential part of the protests all over Lebanon.

They stood their grounds and demanded their rights like no one else because their purpose is the most powerful of all.

These young Lebanese people, like many before them, always lived with the obsession that they will have a difficult decision to make once they graduate.

Will they stay in Lebanon with their families and friends even though they will never find an adequate job? Or will they leave their loved ones and their homeland to go search for a better future abroad? 

For these reasons, university students of Lebanon took to the streets many times during this revolution, strongly believing that it will solve their problems.

And they are still revolting and organizing movements, the most recent happened on Monday 6 January.

However, they weren’t alone on this one. Their professors were there alongside them.

In preparation for this movement, a group of independent professors issued a statement with their demands and the purpose behind this march.

These demands were:

  • Reshaping the government in what meets the revolution’s demands,
  • An emergency processing for the current economic crisis,
  • An independent judiciary system,
  • Ensuring the freedom for the professors and the students in their opinions and movements in all Lebanese universities and schools,
  • Protecting the Lebanese University from all forms of corruption and ensuring its independence,
  • Protecting the students’ rights in studying and working to fight the youth’s unemployment and immigration.

Under the slogan “Lebanon’s universities revolt,” the march started from the Palace of Justice and ended at the entrance of the Parliament in Beirut.

The protesters had numerous stopping points on their way; such as the Lebanese University administration, Sodeco, the Ring bridge, the banks’ association, and Martyrs’ Square.

A day earlier, Lebanese students also had a revolutionary lecture given by a Lebanese University professor at the Lebanese University tent in Al Nour Square, Tripoli.

They also participated in the protest in front of Adlieh on Tuesday, January 7.

This protest was in support of the court case presented by lawyer Jihad Zebian to judge Ali Ibrahim, against the waste of public funds in 5 major ministries, including the French donations.

The Lebanese revolution is well alive and beating in the hearts and cities across Lebanon.

Since the students in Lebanon are as motivated and driven to revolt and claim their rights, then the revolution is gonna be just fine.

Keep going strong, Lebanon!

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University Students & Professors Hit The Streets Of Lebanon In Protest

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