Students In Lebanon Take Twitter By Storm To Appeal To The Education Minister


’s Minister of Education, Tarek Majzoub, continued to insist, under pressure, that he will not back down from his recommendation to end the school year exams and allow all students to automatically pass to the coming year.

Prime Minister issued his decision against Majzoub’s recommendation, asking for schools and universities to perform tests for students and grade them accordingly.

Students who have been required to learn remotely through online or televised lessons complained that they are not receiving the same learning experience. That topped off with stress and anxiety that comes with the pandemic and isolation having an effect on students.

As one student put it:

“I really didn’t understand any lesson during all of these online classes because I’m not a nerd. I can’t just wake up every day at 9 am and study till 3 pm, especially that the internet quality is miserable, and people are dying hence I have no passion to study.”

Most of these students believe it is unjust to be forced to do exams that they are not ready for. In addition, they don’t appreciate putting their lives at risk in the face of the coronavirus.

Appealing to Majzoub, students began tweeting and flooded the social media platform with the hashtag #طارق_احكم_بالعدل (Tarek, be just).

The hashtag went viral in , topping the trending list at #1, with over 41,000 tweets as of the time of writing.

That night, Majzoub had an interview on TV in which he stressed, again, that he will not back down, showing that he is thinking in the best interest of the students and their families.

In response to the viral hashtag, Minister Majzoub tweeted: “Students of ! Your desire for justice is the key to education.”

School students directly affected by this were overjoyed hearing his interview and reading his post.

“Your Excellency, today I really assured the whole world that you are one of us and your heart is upon us, thank you,” said Jawal Jalloul on Twitter.

As of the time of writing, the tweets from the students appealing to the Minister for a final fair decision continue.

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