Students in Lebanon Are Taking Part in the Global ‘ClimateStrike’

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past week, you will probably know that on March 15, students from around the world participated in a global sit-in to protest the actions of governments (or lack, thereof) towards climate change.


An estimated one million youth from 128 countries skipped school to demand immediate action on climate policy reform.

The cry for action was instigated by 16-year-old Swedish youth Greta Thunberg. Thunberg had started her activism back in August 2018 when she missed school to sit outside the Swedish parliament building.


Ever since then, she has reiterated her sit-in protest almost every Friday. Her tireless activism has extended globally for the past eight months to encompass youth protests worldwide. Laudable as they are, her efforts have earned the conscious young environmentalist a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Uniting in one global voice on March 15th, the youth of the world undertook the largest environmental demonstrations in history.


To say that the turn-out of the global #climatestrike was massive would be an understatement. More than 1,600 events took place worldwide. And the youth of Beirut did not sit this one out. Our youngsters were full in!


We have previously touched upon the heightened activism spreading in Lebanon. From promoting animal welfare and opening a cat cafe in the heart of Beirut to launching the Middle East’s first zero-waste shop and participating in the #Trashtag Challenge, environmental awareness has never been more of a priority to the Lebanese new generation, and more particularly the youth of Lebanon.

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Students from different Lebanese schools came together in the Martyrs’ Square, enduring the harsh weather, in order to join their voices to the global movement.


As if the climate wanted to make a statement of its own that day, the temperature dropped drastically, and the rain wouldn’t let up. Yet, our teenagers persisted.


And their participation didn’t go unnoticed.

In a piece she wrote for the Guardian, Thunberg said, “These strikes are happening today—from Washington D.C. to Moscow, Tromsø to Invercargill, Beirut to Jerusalem, and Shanghai to Mumbai—because politicians have failed us…”


Calling on their Lebanese fellows to join them, the students promised that this Friday’s protest would be just one of many. They will be more and they will be unstoppable. Along with their fellow youth of the world, they shall keep pressuring governments and large corporations to change their policies towards climate change.

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Youth of Lebanon and the world, we salute you and your parents for raising such highly conscious and responsible citizens of planet earth. Thank you for all that you do. You make us proud! 


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