Students In Lebanon Staged A Funeral For Their Diplomas

Mahmoud Zayyat/AFP

During a protest in Baalbeck on Sunday, a group of Lebanese students staged a funeral for the diplomas.

They put their diplomas on a coffin and carried it around, a symbolic act that had a huge and sad meaning: “Lebanon is where the youth’s dreams go to die.”

There are no jobs and no opportunities. Many who graduate with important diplomas have to work in just any job that has nothing to do with their years of education.

That if they are lucky enough to find a job.

Lebanon provides outstanding education and is home to many geniuses and creative minds. However, these human assets are not being embraced nor nurtured or afforded the chance to bloom and hence make Lebanon better with the contribution of their talents and acquired skills.

Their homeland offers them nothing, so they are forced to leave their families and go abroad where they reach their full potential and achieve amazing things.

Many if not most of them end up settling down and becoming citizens of another country that knows how to invest and nurture these “new” assets, while Lebanon loses them.

Right now, these students and graduates are finding some hope on the streets, there where the masses are hoping to make a change and create a better country for all.

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