20+ Captivating Photos Of Baadarane, Lebanon

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Located in the Chouf region, the Lebanese village of Baadarane has an amazing charm. It is home to many historical monuments like the sumptuous palace of Ali Pasha Jumblatt and religious heritage like the Druze Khalwa.

Baadarane has a breathtaking view of forests of pines and oaks and many heritage houses, some abandoned yet maintaining their unique charm.

Among its many architectural heritage are the Mar Elias church and the oil and grape presses, along with natural heritage like the water fountains of Ain el-Marah and Ain el-Sayfiyeh.

This amazing village is ideal for a hiking adventure in Maaser El Chouf and Barouk, and also for a peaceful retreat and to enjoy the specialties of its local cuisine like the Tabbouleh Muzzafara, and Meaaykeh.