20+ Stunning Photos Of Arz El Barouk In Lebanon

@feinjenen | @melissaelhaber

Mount Barouk in the Chouf district is one of the most stunning areas in Lebanon, home to the Barouk Cedar Reserve, the largest in Lebanon, and the habitat of over a million cedars and saplings.

The reserve is reportedly home to some 500 plant species, 200 bird species, and over 30 wild mammal species.

It is also said to be home to one of the oldest Cedrus Libani.

The area, mostly known as Arz El Barouk, or the Barouk Cedar, is a natural splendor during all seasons, particularly in winter when it wears its white bridal attire, transforming the environment into a fascinating winter wonderland.

It then becomes a destination for snow activities and getaways. It is also rich in apples and other fruits in addition to its many forests of pine and oak trees among others.

Probably the most stunning of all is the breathtaking landscape and sceneries, making this region a pride of Lebanon.