28+ Stunning Photos Of The Lebanese Village Of Bchaaleh

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Bchaaleh is a splendid village in the Batroun District, perched at over 1200m of altitude. The name is originally spelled “Beit Chaali”, a Syriac name that translates into “the place of glorification and adoration.”

And that has much to do with its breathtaking views that reach the sea and cover the surrounding glorious nature and sights.

Bchaaleh is home to traditional Lebanese houses and historical sites, including the ancient Saint Stephan church, dating back to 1796, a citadel built on the ruins of a medieval fortress, the church of El-Saydeh, the Mar Yaacoub convent, the Phoenician El-Hosn fortress, and the Mar Doumit convent.

Similarly impressive are the “Noah’s olive trees” dating back to 6000 years. The village counts about eleven olive trees that are among the oldest in the world.

For as long as history records, Bchaaleh is known for its production of olive oil and olive soap from the blessings of its land.

Neighboring Bchaaleh, are some of the oldest and most amazing Lebanese villages, namely Douma, Hardine, Tannourine, and also Mayfouk that is a major religious site, home to the historical monastery of Saydet Mayfouq, one of the oldest in Lebanon, dating back to 850 A.D.

Bchaaleh is a must to visit, whether to explore the village and bask in its charm or to hike in its glorious natural surrounding.

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