30 Stunning Pictures That Will Make You Fall In Love With Tyre In Lebanon

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Located on the southern coast of Lebanon, a few kilometers away from Beirut, the ancient town of Tyre reflects the great Phoenician culture that reigned over its coast, and also the Romans, among others.

Dating back centuries before Christ (B.C), Tyre is reportedly one of the oldest metropolises in the world, as it was founded in 2750 B.C.

This ancient Lebanese city is also associated with several historical periods, including the production of the purple pigment that brought fame to the Phoenicians and their trade among regional royalty and nobility.

Per UNESCO, Tyre also helped with the construction of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, as King Hiram of Tyre sent the material and the skilled architects to build it.

The city has numerous features that make it a must-destination for tourists, notably its beauty by the coast and its ancient sites like the Hippodrome and Al Mina ruins (built in the 3rd century).

Tyre is also featured on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, among 4 other Lebanese ancient sites.

Being home to a view of the Mediterranean, one of the most majestic beaches across the Middle East, according to National Geographic, and beautiful ancient architecture, the magic of Tyre takes you back on a trip across history!

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