10 Stunning Summer Resorts In Jiyeh Where You Can Have A Great Getaway

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Lebanon is home to gorgeous touristic cities along its Mediterranean coast that are particularly vibrant with life during summer.

The coastal city of Jiyeh in the Chouf district is among these stunning seaside towns.

Located some 23 km south of Beirut, it was known as Porphyreon during the Phoenician era, a thriving natural seaport that has prevailed throughout times to the present day.

Jiyeh boasts a rich history, and also splendid beaches, and lively summer resorts sought by lovers of sun and sea.


Bahamas is a stunning beach resort where both adults and kids can have a nice and fun summer experience all season long.

The fees range from 250,000 LBP for adults, and 125,000 LBP for kids.

For more info, contact 07 995 042.

Lazy B

A spacious and secluded beach club just 20 minutes away from Beirut, Lazy B has also
natural and freshwater pools and luxuriant greenery all through.

Here are the fees:

Full day

  • Individuals over 14 years: 400,000 LBP (Monday to Thursday), 450, 000 LBP (Friday to Sunday and holidays).
  • Children under 14: 200,000 LBP (ID card may be requested).

Half-day (after 3:30 pm)

  • Individuals over 14: 250,000 LBP (Monday to Thursday), 250,000 LBP (Friday to Sunday and holidays).
  • Children under 14: 100,000 LBP (ID card may be requested).

For more info, contact 70 950 010.

Pangea Beach Resort

With also a large freshwater pool, sandy beach, and plenty of greenery to make you feel like on a tropical vacation, Pangea is a must-try.

The fees for adults range from $10 and $12 (weekdays and weekends respectively) and for kids $8 (weekdays) and $10 (weekends).

For reservations, contact 03 199 777.

Orchid Beach Resort and Lounge

Located in both Jiyeh and Batroun, the Orchid Beach Resort and Lounge is a splendid escape where you and your friends can have fun lounging, swimming, and tanning.

The entrance fee is 360,000 LBP for both locations during weekdays and weekends.

For more info, contact 03 040 420 (Jiyeh) or 71 949 404 (Batroun).

CABO Beach House

Cabo Beach House is a charming and cozy resort in Jiyeh where you can experience serenity surrounded by the good summer vibes!

The entrance fees are $12 per person, including weekends. The resort also offers Jacuzzi access: A seaside jacuzzi for $50 or a Panoramic jacuzzi for $60.

For more information and details, contact 70 626 364.

Bellevue Beach

Bellevue Beach is a resort exclusive for women to enjoy an escape to the stunning beach in Jiyeh.

Both adults and kids can also enjoy the resort’s swimming pools and water slides!

The fees range from 180,000 LBP for adults to 80,000 LBP for children ( age 2 to 9 years old).

For reservations, contact 07 995 121.

La Fontaine Beach Resort

A green oasis at the Jiyeh beach, La Fontaine is a waterpark and a family beach resort with 30 meters of fun inflatables for your children to enjoy their day to the fullest.

For prices and more information, contact 71 500 011.

Aqua Ville

For a fun getaway for all the family, you can visit Aqua Ville in Jiyeh, a place where your kids can enjoy the water park’s fun water slides, birthdays, and summer activities!

The entrance fees range from 150,000 LBP to 175,000 LBP. Kids under 3 years old and helpers can enter for free.

For more info, contact 70 801 444.

Jiyeh Marina And Resort

A family beach resort, one of the biggest in Lebanon with 169,000 sqm of facilities and a 400m sandy beach. It is a charming summer getaway where you can relax, sip a refreshing drink while suntanning, and enjoy the pool or the crystal-clear sea of Jiyeh.

Water sports activities are also available whether diving or surfing and the resort offers jet ski rental. A spa is also available on-site.

For prices and more info, contact the resort on 07996196 or 07996296.

Janna Beach Resort

Neighboring Jiyeh, you can also visit the stunning Janna Sur Mer in Damour, a good destination for a nice tanning day surrounded by palm trees.

The entrance fees range from 250,000 LBP during weekdays and 300,000 LBP on weekends.

For more info, contact 03 367 777.

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