A Submarine Expected Today In Lebanon To Extract The Bodies Of Tripoli’s Death Boat


On April 24th, shocking news emerged from Tripoli, Lebanon, announcing the tragic sinking of a boat off the city’s coast.

More than 6 deaths were reported, including an infant girl, in what was a failed attempt at a new life through illegal emigration.

Although 48 survivors were saved from drowning by Lebanese Navy ships, the boat and the bodies of the deceased sunk to the bottom of the sea.

Arab News

As a result, Lebanese nationals living in Australia donated a sum of money to fund an extraction mission.

According to independent MP Ashraf Rifi, the submarine tasked with performing the extraction mission set sail from Spain on August 7th and is expected to reach Lebanon on August 17th.

Rifi added that the mission costs $251,000 for a duration of one week. A further $50,000 was also paid as living expenses for the submarine crew.

The mission is not expected to be an easy one, however, the submarine is reportedly highly qualified and has an experienced crew.

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