Lebanese Subsidized Labneh Was Just Found Being Sold In The Ivory Coast


Another day, another subsidized Lebanese product getting sold abroad.

In the latest of products meant to be sold at a reduced price to help locals during this severe economic crisis, Labneh, which is a regular diary for the Lebanese, especially for the kids, was found on the shelves in the Ivory Coast.

“The subsidized product is now in Abidjan, mom,” someone wrote in a tweet.

In the African country of Gabon too, someone noted the same, posting a picture of the Lebanese coffee brand Najjar.

Not long ago, subsidized Lebanese Picon cheese was found being sold in Nigeria. Before that, the same cheese was found in Kuwait and Najjar coffee was found in Turkey.

In their rights, people in Lebanon are getting frustrated with the lack of control on the subsidized products from the officials.

While there’s nothing wrong with Lebanese products being sold abroad, what makes this outrageous is the fact that these products are subsidized by the Lebanese Economy Ministry to help the people in Lebanon during this harsh economic crisis.

These are not just any products, they are basic staples in every Lebanese household. Not to mention the times where people were complaining about products being sold out from Lebanon’s grocery stores.

While the caretaker Economy Minister Raoul Nehme holds that this is not the fault of the ministry, the question becomes who will bear responsibility for the smuggling of these products outside of the country?

That is to add that people in Lebanon will soon have to adapt to major changes when it comes to purchasing their food essentials as supermarkets are having to also adapt to the economic crisis and the devaluation of the lira.

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