Sudanese child denied admission to nursery after racist complaints

A nursery in Zouk Mikael refused to enroll a Sudanese toddler named Rizk after parents threatened the facility to remove their children if the “black kid” was admitted. Both of Rizk’s parents work, so they were delighted when they reached an agreement with the nursery to enroll him for $150 a month. The facility is located near their house. When the family was registering the child, a woman said that if the Sudanese kid attends the nursery, she will remove her child from the facility and tell all the parents to do the same. Following this incident, other parents complained to the nursery’s administration, and Rizk was denied admission in order not to lose profits. After the media publicized the incident, the Ministry of Health intervened and condemned the nursery’s action since it violates human rights. The Syndicate of Nursery Owners held a meeting with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Affairs to press charges against the complaining parents. The Ministry of Health reached out to the Rizk’s father and told him that the nursery will accept his child. He thanked the Ministry and said that another nursery already admitted his child.


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