Lebanon’s Suicide Prevention Hotline Forced To Shut Down For 2 Days

embrace lebanon

Embrace’s suicide prevention hotline, which is the only one of its kind in Lebanon, has been forced to shut down due to electricity problems.

Luckily, the hotline will be out of service for only two days.

Embrace, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to mental health in Lebanon that offers direct community support, has been offering 24/7 psychological assistance since its establishment.

Embrace had announced that they will be unavailable for 5 hours of the day a while ago due to constant power outages caused by the impossibility of finding fuel, but as the fuel crisis got worse, they found no option but to shut down completely for two days.

The fuel shortage has affected all industries in Lebanon but having such an impact on an organization like Embrace can cause severe negative effects as Lebanese people overall are suffering from grave psychological damage amidst the ongoing crisis.

The Embrace suicide prevention hotline will not be functional for only one more day. After that, do not hesitate to call them if you want anyone to talk to at 1564.

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