10+ Beach Resorts In Lebanon You Should Visit This Summer

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Since travel may be off the list for many people this summer, Lebanon offers local summer getaways that could compete with any vacation destination!

#1 Orchid

No, you’re not dreaming, a place like this does exist in Lebanon. Orchid is a beach lounge, heaven on earth, located in both Batroun and Jiyeh.

#2 Chir Bay – Jiyeh

A friendly family-run beach on Jiyeh main road, with a beautiful and spacious sandy beach, and a serene atmosphere for those seeking a quiet day at the beach. Homemade food is also served on the premises, including seafood.

For more info, contact 71 455 789.

#3 Nanaya Beach Club

El-Heri beaches in the north are renowned for their calm and down-to-earth vibes and their spectacular view of the picturesque Hamat plateau.

For a moment, you’d feel like you’re in a different country!

#4 Nowhere

This color-festive beach in El-Heri was quick to gain popularity since its opening.

It has a unique beach aesthetic that you won’t find anywhere else.

#5 Rocca Marina

This resort in El-Heri is famous for its summer parties. Push your friends down the slide, challenge each other to jump from the springboard, rent a jet ski and take a tour, or just hang in the infinity pool(s), dance, sing, and enjoy your hookah. You can’t get bored there!

#6 Lazy B

Located on the southern coast in the town of Jiyeh, Lazy B is a tranquil beach resort that’s absolutely worth the trip.


Veer Boutique Hotel & Resort offers a luxurious getaway in the heart of Jounieh-Kaslik, not more than a thirty-minute drive from bustling Beirut. Go ready for a pool party!

#8 Miramar

Family-friendly resort hotel Miramar is located in North Lebanon. It’s a favorite summertime getaway for residents of Tripoli and neighboring towns. You can go in for a day trip, or even stay a night at the hotel.

#9 Ocean Blue

This Byblos beach resort is what dreams are made of. Clean pools and shores, excellent food, and staff; it doesn’t need to get any better.

You can even reserve a beach tent set up or a beach dome for romantic sunset dates.

#10 La Siesta

Located in Khaldeh, it’s unbelievable that this beach resort is only a 10-minute drive out of Beirut. You’ll even catch a glimpse of an airplane as it’s landing or taking off.

#11 Damour Beach Resort

Damour is known for its beautiful sandy beach resorts. This is one of the luxurious ones, located just 20 minutes from downtown Beirut.

In addition to its sandy beach, it offers 6 infinity luxurious pools, a fine cuisine restaurant, and a bar for refreshing cocktails.

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