7 Camping Spots You Must Try With Your Friends This Summer In Lebanon

Summer is soon approaching, and many of us are readying for the warm weather to fully enjoy our nature with outdoor adventures. And Lebanon has much to offer in that regard.

Camping is one of them, and one of these awesome summer experiences we Lebanese love to reiterate.

If you’re a nature lover and you are planning on camping in Lebanon over the summer, here are some of the best places for you consider:

#1 Nahr Ibrahim

Situated high up in the mountains near Jbeil (Byblos), Nahr Ibrahim is a tranquil place to set up camp.

The forest offers plenty of shade during the day, and there are tons of spots along the river where you can take a refreshing dip to cool off.

It is in nature, though, so expect to “rough it,” and bring everything you’ll need. Just make sure you leave nature the way you found it. 

#2 Laqlouq

This mountainous area also just outside of Jbeil sits at a higher elevation and offers stellar views. It’s not as green as the forest surrounding Nahr Ibrahim, but you can definitely stargaze at night and enjoy the feeling of waking up to a stunning 360-degree view of Lebanon. 

#3 Lake Qaraoun

This artificial lake, which is actually a reservoir for the Bekaa Valley, is massive. You can take a kayak with you and paddle out on the lake in between lounging around the campsite and sitting by the fire. You can even go fishing for dinner!

#4 Baskinta

Just outside of the biggest village in Metn, you can find an array of camping spots on top of the mountain. It’s a well-known spot for scouts and nature enthusiasts alike, as the views are stunning and there are many cool hiking trails to check out. 

#5 Rmeileh

If you prefer more “civilized” amenities with your camping trip, Rmeileh has several beach clubs that allow you to camp on their beaches.

You can even order drinks and food from their restaurants, and they have running water!

#6 Ras el Metn

This pine-laden area of the mountains is located just south of Bzebdine in Baabda District, Mount Lebanon. 

It has several privately-owned designated campsites that offer picnic areas, bathrooms, and more.

You can enjoy the views from high atop the mountains, or have a “kumbaya” moment around the fire with your friends and the other guests staying at the facilities. 

#7 Ehden

Located in the northern mountain region of Lebanon, Ehden serves as a great place to let your imagination take off in nature with breathtaking views at a high elevation.

With such an awesome front row seat to look at the stars that paint the night sky, you are up to an unforgettable camping experience.

If you prefer more amenities, there are also several nearby privately-owned campsites that offer bathrooms and picnic areas. 

Any outdoor enthusiast can find a great place in Lebanon to spend some great time out in nature. There are so many options, with each having its own special vibe and characteristics.

Check out our recommended camping spots for yourself this summer, and you won’t be disappointed!

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