14 Cheap Summer Date Ideas In Lebanon If You Are On A Tight Budget

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The summer season is here and people are now getting ready to fully enjoy Lebanon, and this also means… “Hello, summer dating!”

Dating in Lebanon is fun and could be budget-friendly, even of little to no cost, if you step out of the ordinary and the conventional, and fully embrace with your special one all that there’s available for you across the country.

After all, there is a strong sense of freedom that comes with summer. It is the time to relax, unwind, dress lightly, and be part of the bright vibes around.

Summer is also the ideal time to build new dating memories, from exploring new spots, cruising through Lebanon’s villages, and hanging on the country’s beautiful shores, to daring more adventurous activities.

So here are some great suggestions for you to start planning for a great summer in Lebanon with your special one.

Dating in nature around a gourmet picnic

Lebanon is filled with charming places to have a picnic in. For a cheap picnic date, all you and your S/O have to do is to go to either a public park, a forest, or just hang on Lebanon’s stunning public beaches and enjoy a nice and romantic date!

Wine tasting date

Lebanon holds a great legacy in wine and winemaking. You can find wineries in various areas of Lebanon, especially in the Bekaa and Zahle regions, where couples can regenerate their love by sipping delicious wine.

Have An Ice Cream Date

Summer is the season for ice cream lovers. So if you and your babe have a sweet tooth, going on an ice cream date, savoring a delicious gelato as you walk hand in hand, is the sweetest thing to do, literally!

Wander Through The streets of Byblos

It might seem clichés to suggest Byblos for a nice date. But no, Byblos is truly amazing for its old souks, funky nightlife, and amazing beaches scattered all over the historical town.

Discover the warm beauty of Ehden

Many believe that Ehden is the “Eden” spoken about in the scriptures. Whether true or not, this mountain village in the north has stunning spots surrounded by mountains and overlooking green valleys, not to mention the rich history of this village.

Other than having a serene snowy winter, you and your significant other can also enjoy Ehden with all its summer glory!

Visit Lebanon’s tourist places

From the Jeita Grotto to the Baalbek’s Roman temples, all the way to the Cedars of God in Bcharre and the breathtaking Qadisha Valley, couples in Lebanon can avoid boring dates by touring the country’s touristic sites.

Plan for a romantic sunset at the beach

What could be more romantic and mood soothing than romancing at sunset on the beach? And Lebanon doesn’t lack public beaches and wonderful coastal spots.

Go on a hiking date

Nothing lifts the mood to an exhilarating level more than hiking your way in nature with your date. Lebanon has breathtaking hiking spots you might want to take advantage of during the clement season.

Boat riding date on a lake

No need to dream of a romantic gondola date in overcrowded Venice when you can have even better at one of Lebanon’s serene lakes, surrounded by soothing nature instead of concrete. With Lebanon’s amazing lakes, your choices of a romantic date won’t lack.

Discover the alleys of Achrafieh by foot

Take your S/O and go on a day or night trip through the stunning streets of Achrafieh, and enjoy its beautiful old houses, friendly atmosphere, lovely restaurants, and bars, and tour through the city’s religious sites.

Visit Lebanon’s abandoned places

With the country’s rich historical monuments scattered within its borders, it isn’t surprising that Lebanon has many abandoned sites worth discovering and admiring with your S/O. These places are a fascination that thrills the imagination.

Chill at a sunset bar

For a few extra bucks, you can enjoy a romantic time at any of Lebanon’s stunning sunset bars, basking in the amber colors while sipping refreshing cocktails. Lebanon, after all, is known to have glorious sunsets, whether along its coast or on its mountains.

Spend a date day in Tyre

One of the most fascinating cities in Lebanon, Tyre has it all to make your dating day memorable. Known as “The Lady of the Seas,” this ancient Phoenician city is a beautiful rhapsody of ancient and modern, romantic alleys, splendid spots at the beach, magnificent historical sites, and plenty of restaurants.

Go on a cruise to Naqoura

For a breathtaking date with your lover, go on a cruise through this coastal city, and enjoy the crystal blue beach and the amazing summer vibes generated by Naqoura’s horizon.

P.S. Take your swimsuits along with you both will be tempted to dive in the mesmerizing blue sea.

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