17 Summer Day Trips In Lebanon That You Don’t Need To Pack A Swimsuit For

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Want to take a break from beach days? Here are a bunch of great ideas for those summers days if you want to explore something new.

Get your camera handy, for there will be new memories to create!

#1 Check out the must-see “Balou Balaa”

If you haven’t physically visited yet Balou Balaa Falls (also known as the Baatara Gorge Waterfall) in the Batroun District, then you’re missing out! The Guardian referred to the magnificent natural formation as The Cave of Three Bridges. You can hike down to the location or zipline your way there.

#2 Greet buffaloes in the Ammiq Wetlands

Yes, we have those in Lebanon too! The breathtaking Ammiq Wetlands in West Bekaa is home to at least 23 species of mammals that live in and around the last remaining marsh. It is also one of the most important bird migration routes in the world where over 250 species of birds have been recorded.

This can be a great adventure day for you and your friends. So grab your camera and head to Ammiq where you can also rent bikes to ride within the reserve and have a picnic. Or you can visit Tawlet Ammiq for a relaxing lunch and bask in Lebanon’s stunning countryside.

#3 Go wine tasting in Batroun

IXSIR is a multi-award-winning Lebanese winery located in Basbina, Batroun. It’s home to the best Rosé in the world! The winery was named by CNN as one of the greenest buildings in the world.

At IXSIR, you can enjoy a Sunday buffet in a beautiful garden and discover the wine-making process. It’s pet-friendly so your buddy can tag along!

#4 Feel serenity while overlooking Hamat

Overlooking Hamat, the entire Mediterranean will be in your eyes. The view will always succeed to steal you away from reality. There is something in the air above Hamat that is so healing and can make your problems feel so small.

Stop on the seaside road, explore the tunnels and caves in Hamat, visit the historical Deir El Nourieh church on the stunning plateau, or drive a bit further along the same road to reach the Mar Semaan Chruch.

#5 Visit the enchanting Douma’s souk and its local products

Stroll like a local in the enchanting village of Douma in the Batroun District. The quaint souk is worth the trip from wherever you are in Lebanon, especially for its reputable local mouneh.

In Douma, you can plan to have lunch, enjoy the most amazing ice cream, and stop by Beit Douma, one of the highest-rated guesthouses in Lebanon and the world.

#6 Enrich yourself in the history of Baalbek

Think about it, when was the last time you visited the ruins and relics of Heliopolis or ‘Sun City’ of the ancient world? It is an incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site that welcomes tourists and locals year-round. You can even see the place come to life as it was in the past with this app.

#7 Explore Lebanon’s caves

You can drive along the country hunting for hidden caves. There are countless caves to discover in Lebanon, including the popular Jeita Grotto, Afqa Cave, Roueiss Cave, Kadisha Grotto, and more. A caving club, Spéléo Club Du Liban, has explored and reported at least 1,000 caves in Lebanon!

#8 Connect up close with Lebanon’s magnificent Cedars

Spend a day at the Cedars of God in Bcharre, connecting with Lebanon’s mighty cedars and appreciating its iconic national tree. With a forest of historic cedars, the nature reserve is located in the Qadisha Valley.

#9 Go on an adventure of discovery of the Qadisha Valley

Speaking of Qadisha Valley, the Holy Valley is a breathtaking location that has housed Christian monastic communities for centuries. It is one of 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Lebanon.

#10 Take a day to play the tourist in Byblos

Byblos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the oldest cities in the world. You can tour through the old souk, enjoy lunch, explore ruins, and channel your inner Phoenician. There are at least 10 places that you can enjoy visiting in Byblos with your friends!

#11 Head south to the magnificent ruins of Tyre

Architecrutal marvels are scattered around the ancient Phoenician port city of Tyre. The breathtaking ruins can transport you to another time and connect you in spirit with the glory of your past ancestors. The city is also another UNESCO World Heritage Site.

#12 Take a road trip To Anjar

Speaking of ruins, you shouldn’t miss out on the well-preserved ruins of the Umayyad civilization, which are also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

While in Anjar, be sure to tour the village that is mainly inhabited by Lebanese-Armenians and engage with this lively subculture of Lebanon. Enjoy lunch at one of a handful of highly-touted restaurants in the village.

#13 Immerse yourself in Horsh Ehden’s nature

Escape the summer heat by spending the day in the historical mountain town of Ehden where you can hike, picnic, or get lost in the calming effect of nature. Horsh Ehden is one of Lebanon’s popular nature reserves.

You can also visit the Miden in the village for a fun time at the town square with popular restaurants and bars scattered all around. While there, make sure to enjoy the local Kibbeh Qorass specialty at one of their Lebanese restaurants.

#14 Spend a relaxing day in Taanayel

Stroll through the woods, embrace the scenery of vineyards and flora, and sit back and relax near the lake in Taanayel. It’s a wonderous serene place where nature sings peacefully.

#15 Enjoy lunch with your friends at the Bnachii lake

Bnachii is one of a handful of lakes in Lebanon. With pedal boat rides and pretty views to enjoy, the lake is also surrounded by a number of restaurants where you can have a pleasant weekend lunch with your friends.

#16 Head to Tripoli for a thrilling day of discovery

If you haven’t yet visited Tripoli like a tourist, it’s time to do so. The northern capital of Lebanon is home to thousands of years of history as it was the capital of the Phoenician civilization, and is home to a diversity of attractive architecture, from ancient to traditional and modern.

Its vibrant old souks are a thrill to discover, and easy on the wallet. Adding to the traditional local desserts that are a must to try, and its delicious Samkeh Harra specialty, you may also stop for lunch at one of its modern and charming restaurants around the city.

While there, don’t miss visiting Al-Mina and enjoy what the seaside has to offer.

#17 Ride the Teleferique to Harissa

No matter your age, the Teleferique in Jounieh never gets old or boring. Gazing over the Jounieh Bay from the cable car is one of those must-have experiences in Lebanon, and repeatedly so!

Climbing to the top of the stairs of the Our Lady of Lebanon monument will give you a new perspective to appreciate and leave you with renewed internal peace.

You can also drive up to any of the roadside restaurants overlooking the coastline for a delightful lunch experience.

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