Check out these amazing summer hangout spots in Lebanon!

It’s summer, so we finally have time to hang out with our friends! Make sure to visit these places when you want to spend quality time with your loved ones!

Cafe Em Nazih

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Location: Gemayzeh Price: $$

Colonel Beer

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Location: Batroun Price: $$

Coop d’Etat

Location: Gemayzeh Price: $$

Danys Beach Bar

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Where: Batroun Price: $$

Iris Beach Club

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Location: Damour Price: $$

June Beach House

Where: Amchit Price: $$


Location: Mar Mikhael Price: $$$

Kaptn   Where: Batroun Price: $$

La Maison de La Forêt

Location: Jezzine Price: $$$


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Location: Batroun Price: $

Oasis Open Air Pub

Location: El Mina Price: $$


Location: Mzaar Price: $$ Read more about it



Pierre and Friends

Location: Batroun Price: $


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Location: Samar Jbeil

The Gärten   Location: Downtown Beirut Price: $

Garden State   Location: Sin El Fil