15 things that happen in Lebanon every summer

Summer is an exciting season! Some people travel, others go on adventures every weekend. Some things make summers in Lebanon unique.

Chaos at the airport

If you’ve ever traveled to or from Beirut Airport in summer, you know how crazy chaotic it is. You have to be patient; there’s nothing else you can do. Thankfully, the airport will be expanded to accommodate more travelers. https://www.facebook.com/LebanesePlaneSpotters/photos/basw.Abp_8jZctrEVAiv3G3PGFwF0awCWNMMZ3Soy3R8KDbg2bFwX–XjgjWPxAgsU4GcUKJpOAH9YQa4j1XWBQVKdZox0O7MmDoZBkmTRrTIJ7d7MoqnOkZkALLZpJh_biFrq7zRqgY8kCVpqFiesoVXywYS.1684243714944301.2065426513746332.1629276067376123.1817756628243294.1738041452979708.1649429508442593/1738041452979708/?type=1&opaqueCursor=Abpjg2OPllmn2evan-nVPfA7AKf6gni1T4shSlPntcwAHjQrCLF-X0ZwVC6o1QAZhgxixaKK5HtSmZ55eaunkb36POxoOKtjuaIrTeBfsJleXZEHsPSqBPbfB91F9IrcrXIag9UTYvTvov8NXwWBw2AHp5CZrbsTLPaeaCdCWar1DqvPbRm8GlPAndP8QT6IbrwtloOOd6D8IlJ6ErmCSI7nnyn0wJg1b-Qs1QIeoNkP2Y4GvmhdRs8yoV0rFYYla4qxTxRj7ED8HVDlwMly–JbfxzrCDiBZpCOT_paRj0C6fbAXftfgKBjww3qVbaTb2ihdsK5DNjF8gA5HtjgsUNAVI6BGSyZr3_VTgEkXvPgxBPRVw1-6iW4A54nkr-skHdoDQcatPDRqOB_KKaG2rIloAX1A-Z175nKn__bYpyZW1OlFdJ7BQSjf8fHvRmVtyZiIIPkfWLyD_3ksxIyB3rWRXA9fG-lP9QgCeJUL9avui5Jvv7cmjEC3AlBybo–8VDgJ93byn4NAxBNkocDVKk-BV2nRZa6VfPKt9SvCgT8o_uwELj908GYPWi8so-5s3qdhy-lb5Mco6wvsqYS5k0YOC8opFqgxIqFtrXesZhaw&theater

Your relatives from abroad pay you a visit 

The entire family is finally reunited.

It’s crazy hot in Beirut

If you have a house in the mountains, you’re lucky because you can escape Beirut’s heat!

All Snap stories are filled with temperature shots

There’s no need to remind us how hot it is. We all have the weather app.


There’s traffic all year long but it’s unbearable in summer because IT’S HOT.

Your steering wheel is burning so you have to drive like this

Jelleb and charab el wared are the best drinks out there

A post shared by Rabiaa Solh (@rabiaa_solh) on

You spend your days at the mall to escape the heat

A reasonable person does not wander outside in summer.

Mosquitoes are everywhere

Your best friends are electric rackets! You also embrace your inner Serena Williams.

You feel God is testing your patience when there’s no electricity and you can’t turn on the air conditioner or the fan


Sausage legs selfies are all over Instagram

Cliché pictures are everywhere on social media. Let’s not forget about the cringy hashtag: #VitaminSea.

You only wear shorts

Tan lines competition

  • “An ba3ed ma nzelte 3al baher?”
  • “Ana samra aktar mennik”

You enter shops just to stand in front of the air conditioner

And you’re worried people will think you stole something when you leave the store without buying anything.

You are invited to dozens of weddings

Lebanese weddings are so extra!

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