10 Summer Road Trips You Should Take With Your Friends In Lebanon

Lebanon offers a world of diversity when it comes to outings with friends, and it’s even nicer that everything is reachable within a small radius. Only a couple of hours’ drive can take you to a complete change of scenery.

And, with now the warmer weather, we could all use a little fun in the sun.

Check out these top road trip destinations to enjoy with your friends:

#1 Batroun

This northern coastal city has a lot to offer when it comes to adventure. From the old town laden with cobblestones and historic architecture to the many beach clubs, and further up in the picturesque hillsides, there is something for every adventure enthusiast in the summertime. 

There are also plenty of restaurants to eat at, as well as beach clubs that offer food. 

#2 Tannourine

Tannourine, located in the northern mountains, is known for its great hiking trails, including some that lead to the epic Balou Balaa.

In addition to hiking trails, Tannourine offers scenic views, a cedar forest, and so much more. It’s a great place to enjoy nature at its best with your friends.

There are also many picnic places and nature enthusiast groups that organize hiking events on specific trails. 

#3 Tyre/Sour

Known as Sour in the current Lebanese language, this southern gem of a city is packed with things to enjoy, like hitting up its beautiful sandy beach to soak in the sun, walking through the narrow colorful streets of the ethnic town, or having a gander at the ancient ruins.

If you want more modern amenities, the main road along the coast is filled with chic restaurants and hotels. The rich history of Sour is kept alive today with its rich culture. 

#4 Jezzine

This southern town located higher up on the mountains offers breathtaking views and even a waterfall. Moreover, the south is known for its multitude of rich olive orchards, which can be seen in Jezzine.

There are also several restaurants overlooking the cliffs. You can even find “glamping” resorts within the pine forest if you plan to enjoy the region for a few days. 

#5 Rabbits Island (Tripoli)

Okay, so technically this destination is not 100% a road trip since you have to take a small ferry out to the island itself, but we still included the Rabbits Island because it’s so lovely.

Located off the coast of the northern capital of Tripoli, this remote destination will feel like a tropical getaway. The island has crystal clear water and an abundance of marine life that will make you forget that you’re even in the Mediterranean!

It is a protected nature reserve, though, so just make sure you respect its conservation. 

#6 Bekaa Valley

This eastern region of Lebanon is covered in greenery and agriculture and serves as a nice day trip for you and your friends.

Its fertile soil and wind currents offer an ideal climate for growing grapes, which is reflected in the many wineries you can go visit in the area. There are also several lakes and nature reserves that are open for visits as well. 

#7 Bcharre

High up in the northern mountains, Bcharre is a delightful place to cool off from the summer heat.

With so many attractions, like the quaint village, the Qadisha Valley for hiking, the Khalil Gibran museum, and the Cedars of God, the trek is worth it and makes for a lovely road trip with friends. 

#8 Baakline

This lesser-known area in the south is the perfect getaway to escape to nature. The Baakline river, in particular, is chock-full of lush waterfalls and serves as a shadier retreat than the sunny beaches on the coast during summer.

Many picnic areas have popped up along the river where you can grill your masheweh in between dips. It’s a great destination to head to with your best buds. 

#9 Ehden

Ehden, also in the north, is alleged to be the “real” biblical Garden of Eden, yet there has been no proof to it.

It sits on the mountains and offers many hiking trails, the oldest Maronite church in Lebanon, and green scapes. If luxury is more your style, there are also several nice hotels in the area where you can sip on a drink at a poolside. 

#10 Bnachii Lake (Zgharta)

This man-made lake close to the Zgharta town is a tranquil place to spend the day. You can rent a paddleboat with your pals or eat at a restaurant on the lake. You can also enjoy the nearby town, or you can go to Ehden in the same day since they are close to each other. 

Lebanon is truly a rich country full of so many things to do at a convenient distance. We hope you enjoy exploring these places as you jam out in the car with your friends. 

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