10+ Things To Do In El-Mina, Tripoli This Summer

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On the northern coast, Tripoli’s El-Mina is one of the most underrated places in Lebanon. It is one of Lebanon’s oldest cities, dating back to the time of the Phoenicians.

There are many things to do and enjoy there that would fill an entire day in this small coastal town in the North of Lebanon.

#1 Have breakfast on the beach

Grab breakfast and set up a mini picnic on the rocks or sit back on the benches on the corniche and enjoy watching the waves of the deep blue sea.

#2 Try Mina’s delicious foul w hummus 

If you’re not in the mood for man2oush, there are many places to eat excellent foul w hummus, such as Abou Sa3id.

#3 Go kayaking in the Sea

In addition to kayaking, there are always many boats waiting to take tourists on boat rides. You can even get a tour around the nearby islands. 

#4 Take a boat ride to Rabbit’s Island

El-Mina has nine islands. The most famous one is Palm Island, locally known as Rabbit’s Island. It is the largest of three Islands of the Palm Islands Nature Reserve.

#5 Take a stroll over the sea to the nearest island

If you don’t plan on swimming or taking a boat ride, you can enjoy a leisurely walk to the nearest Island, Abdul Wahab Island. There’s a bridge built over the sea that takes you there where you can enjoy the sights of deers, rabbits, ducks, and swans. 

#6 Enjoy the town’s reputable fresh seafood 

In this coastal town, you will have the best seafood in northern Lebanon. Tripoli and El-Mina are known for its samka harra specialty, so be sure to ask for that! Or you can simply have a seafood sandwich that won’t disappoint.

#7 Discover the old alleys and streets

El-Mina is an old charming town, and touring the old alleys and streets is always captivating. You will notice some renovations and a combination between the old and the new, making the whole scene so photogenic!

#8 Mingle with the friendly locals

You’ll definitely meet friendly locals and will instantly notice the diversity. Since it’s a small town, everyone knows everyone, and they can tell when they have a visitor. Some may even offer to take you on a tour!

#9 Ride a bike along the seashore

Rent a bike, or bring your own, and ride along the long shoreline or take a tour through El-Mina’s old streets and discover its hidden gems.

#10 Try the street food and treats

Stop by street food carts and get some warm sweet corn, popcorn, warm roasted peanuts, cotton candy, ka3ek, or zesty balila, or whatever’s in season. Dare the experience, you won’t regret it!

#11 Chase the sunset

Of course, the best thing to do by the sea is to watch the sunset. Every day, there is a new celestial masterpiece blessing this city!

#12 Mino’s pubs

When the sun sets, Mino’s pubs begin to open one after the other. You can go to Cava or Timmy’s for great food, drinks, and the occasional party atmosphere.

Or if you’re down for a laid-back evening, you can grab a beer and stroll through the street, greeting people sitting on bar stools outside the pubs.

While there, make it a point to explore the city of Tripoli where there is much to see and enjoy.

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