10 Sunday Traditions In Lebanon That We Look Forward To

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Sunday is fun-day, and it is especially so in Lebanon. People wait for this day to rest or to go completely crazy, there is no in-between. Whether you like to stay in at the end of the week or you like to go out and explore, you’ll relate to this listicle either way.

Here are 10 Sunday traditions in Lebanon that we look forward to:

#1 Sunday breakfast

Shala Perla

On Sundays, you can actually take your time preparing breakfast, and this is the beauty of the weekend. Labneh with Khebez Saj, Zeytoun (olives), and tea…and enjoy it all with the family, this is the life worth living.

#2 Getting together

Lebanese people are at their best when they are together. Friends and families all come together on Sundays to have lunch or to organize road trips… which leads us to:



People from the Bekaa will go to the beach, people from Beirut will go to Baalbek, people from the north will go south, and vice versa.

It is only a matter of hours to reach whatever destination you want in Lebanon, and oh, do people take advantage of this! Road trips in Lebanon are our Sunday adventures!

#4 Sunday lunch


Arak, Tabbouleh, Hummus, Mashewe, and good people with plenty to share and laugh about… This is what our Sundays are made of.

#5 Bouza Te3beye (Icecream)

David Lebovitz

If this isn’t the ultimate desert in Lebanon, especially during summertime, then I don’t know what is.

#6 Going to the beach

Lebanon Traveler

A lot of people wait for Sunday all week long so they can go to the beach and put all their worries behind. Go for a swim, have a good tan, sailing our beautiful sea, and life is perfect again.

#7 Reconnecting with nature

Carlos Bou Nafeh

Picnics and hikes are a big thing for most Lebanese people. That is because Lebanon has the best nature, natural scenes, stunning lakes, breathtaking forests, refreshing rivers, and exciting trails… the country is full of them.

#8 Spending the day with the family

Facebook/Kevin O’Leary – Lebanese Examiner

If we ask you to describe Lebanese people, the first thing that will come to your mind is that they are family-oriented.

Extended families will come together on Sundays and spend quality time together, before being separated again due to their weekday routines.

#9 Sleeping in

Economic Times

This is not exactly a tradition (although it is for most people). But if you work hard all week and wait for the weekend to rest, you deserve recognition, too.

#10 Making plans for the next weekend

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Because this is just who we are as people, always looking to live the best we have. Our positive spirit is what gets us through the worse of times. Planning another fun day while having a fun day is one of our many unique qualities.

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