Supermarkets In Lebanon Are Now Accepting Card Payments To Only 50% Of The Total Bill

@AP | @hibou

Since the beginning of the crisis, many stores and stations started to accept fewer payments by card.

Lately, the only businesses accepting to take at least a part of the bill in credit cards were the ones offering basic goods and gas stations.

Last week, all the gas stations stopped accepting general card payments. This week, the Lebanese Syndicate of Supermarket Owners decided that the payments of the bills should be maximized to only 50% of the bill, while the rest has to be paid in cash.

Some restaurants and supermarkets across the country have also started to deny all types of non-cash payments.

With the Russian-Ukrainian war impacting the whole world, Lebanon is among the already-struggling countries that are being further shaken in their basics as a consequence.

Lebanon is starting to feel the hit with its food supplies. The regional electricity agreement to supply Lebanon with power is facing new challenges. Exports of local products have been limited.

The dollar-lira rate went up, banks started to further limit cash withdrawals, and buyers and suppliers have less and less access to their bank accounts.