You Can Support Beirut By Joining This Upcoming Global Sports Challenge

You Can Support Beirut By Joining This Upcoming Global Sports Challenge
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Lebanon lovers are invited to participate in the 19.8 Beirut Global Sports Challenge, an event that aims to raise awareness and funds for Beirut.

Participants in the event, which will start on June 11th and end on June 13th, may practice any sport they choose, as long as they abide by the minimum of 19.8 kilometers, hours, lapses, repetitions, etc… (19.8 km² is the total area of Beirut).

A participant, or a team of participants, may engage in one or several sports, in Lebanon or anywhere else in the world, while encouraging their network to donate to Together LiBeirut, the NGO organizing the 19.8 Beirut Global Sports Challenge.

Anyone can participate in the event, regardless of their fitness level, age, location, or nationality.

Together LiBeirut is aiming to raise $100,000 from this event to cover part of its second phase of intervention in Beirut.

“Together LiBeirut is holding the 19.8 Beirut Global Sports Challenge, on June 11-12-13, to keep the needs of Beirut on top of everyone’s mind and to raise funds for its ongoing work,” Nada Frem, the organizer of the event and founder of Together LiBeirut, told The961.

“We are inviting all Lebanese and Lebanon lovers around the world to practice the sport of their choice over a minimal target of 19.8 km, lapses, summits, etc., as the area of Beirut is 19.8 km².”

“Each participant will be our partner in raising awareness of Beirut’s needs and funds for Together LiBeirut’s projects,” Frem added.

The NGO’s relief efforts have included so far:

  • Providing free mental health support for children, youth, and families at Youth Cap Community Center in Mar Mikhael.
  • Providing life-saving diagnosis, in-patient care, medication, and surgeries to patients suffering from chronic diseases.
  • Helping restore 6 damaged heritage buildings and a public space in Gemmayze.
  • Rehabilitating and providing capacity building to 25 small businesses to ensure their sustainability and protect jobs.

Launched in October 2020, Together LiBeirut has managed to raise $1.6 million to cover relief efforts in the Lebanese capital, helped restore vital infrastructure, and supported survivors of the deadly August 4 Beirut explosion, including by securing medications for 611 vulnerable patients.

It has also offered resilience sessions to 3,000 youth, awareness sessions to 1,850 parents and teachers, and training sessions to 250 frontline workers, in addition to comprehensive strategic, marketing, and legal support to 90 small businesses.

To register for the 19.8 Beirut Global Sports Challenge, visit Together LiBeirut’s website, here.